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​​​​​​​​​​Beerwah State High School is a BYOx school and it is an expectation that all students across year 7 to 12 bring their own device for use at school everyday. If a student doesn't have access to a privately owned device, we offer two options for affordable Laptop Hire.

"Take Home Hire" enables students to hire a school owned laptop for educational use at school and at home as a "take home hire" device.

We also have a new hire option of a day hire device - "collect-n-go", with the same device loaned and returned to the Resource Centre each day.

Why support a BYOD program?

eLearning complements the work done in every subject by giving access to new ways of learning. Students can collaborate, communicate, research and study in ways not possible before and with a seamless connection between home and the classroom. For example, through the OneNote learning platform, all students have the ability to communicate seamlessly with their teacher and peers.

Our BYOD program allows students to bring either a Mac or Windows device. Please refer the device specifications to check whether your device is compatible.

BYOxLink - Connect from home 

BYOxLink enables students and parents to install the School Wi-Fi and apps onto their devices from home streamlining the process so students and devices are ready for learning before coming to School. This will make student access to the School Wi-Fi faster, safer and more efficient. 

To use the BYOxLink service, you will need to enrol the device into Microsoft Intune Company Portal.  Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) platform that, f​​​​​or the purpose of BYOxLink, allows the department to distribute a wireless network profile and curriculum related applications to BYO devices.

Where can devices be purchased?

Beerwah State High School cannot specifically advise one supplier over another.  There is no restriction on where the device is sourced from, as long as it meets the minimum specifications. Please see related links at the right of the page.

What if I can't afford a device for my student?

We recognise that the BYOD program raises a financial cost on students and their families in supplying a device. At the same time, the program can only function if all students have access to appropriate technological resources in all of their classes. The purpose of the Collect-n-go Day Hire is to provide an opportunity for all students access to technology, irrespective of their families' financial circumstances. 

Beerwah State High School has limited devices it can provide for short term loan. 

NOTE: This is not a take home device. Students will collect the laptop at 8:30am and return it at 2:50pm each school day.

Please complete the appropriate form and return to school with payment to take advantage of this program. See links at the top  right of the page

Last reviewed 11 August 2021
Last updated 11 August 2021