BYOD Laptop Program


At Beerwah State High School, we recognise the importance and necessity to equip students with the skills to be competent, safe users of technology and to enhance their learning experiences through student centred learning, critical and creative thinking and virtual learning environments.

Our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) laptop program is about to enter its sixth year and continues to gain momentum. All students in Year 7 in 2021 are required to have a BYO or hire laptop.  Students in Year's 8 to 12 are also strongly encouraged to participate in our BYO laptop program to enhance their learning at school and at home.  

New BYOxLink Connection Process

Beerwah State High School is transitioning to a new BYOD network connection for all student BYO devices next Thursday August 6. This new  and improved network is called BYOxLink. This will make access for students to the school Wi-Fi quicker and more secure.

We are asking Parents/Carers of students currently connected to our BYOD network to lend their support to this changeover and have students get their devices ready before the changeover on Thursday. 

Instructions are provided in short video form for iPads, MacBooks, and Windows devices. Written instructions will also be uploaded to our website.

Instructions for students to connect to this new network are available in the Student SharePoint and on the school website. It is important to ensure BYO devices are fully updated with any Windows or Apple updates prior to following the connection instructions.

This connection is quite straightforward and can be done at home. 

Please contact our IT support should you have any problems.

BYOD Connection Process for New Users

Students must download and read the Student BYOD Charter Agreement and return the attached BYOD Connectivity Form

Students will then have their accounts enabled and can follow the BYOxLink Connection Process outlined above.

Device Selection

To ensure the best experience for students participating in the BYOD program, we have decided on a set of minimum device specifications. Before acquiring a laptop to use at school please refer to the BYOD Program Information for minimum BYOD device specifications

Please note:

  • Minimum wireless specs with 5ghz support
  • Surface RT, Windows 10 in S-Mode, Linux, Google Chromebook and Android Operating Systems are NOT SUPPORTED Operating Systems. Click here for instructions on how to switch out of Windows 10 S-Mode.
  • No Mobile Phones are allowed on the BYO network. 
  • Devices that have 128gb or less hard drive space do not have the necessary storage for required software and OneNote Notebook synchronisation. 
  • Devices that have an Intel Atom or Intel Celeron Processor have performance limitations which will impact on the student's learning experience and software capabilities. 

Purchasing your BYO device

There are a number of options available for parents to choose from.

  1. Parents can purchase from your preferred supplier. All warranty and
    service issues will be the parents' responsibility. Beerwah State High School has no involvement in these arrangements.
  2. Renting a device is a great option. The device, warranty repairs and insurance are all bundled into an affordable weekly payment.

Mandatory conditions before accessing the school network

Students will be provided with the opportunity to connect to the school BYOxLink network when the following conditions have been met:

  • Payment of School Resource Levy (Payment Plan available)
  • Completion of the BYOD Connectivity Form
  • Approved device that meet the school's specifications

Students are often not very careful when they are packing their bags. Often shoving the device in their bags can damage keys or crack the screen. 

It is recommended both laptops and tablets are stored in a protective case when not in use.

Last reviewed 31 July 2020
Last updated 31 July 2020