We know there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to meeting the needs of any student. It’s about making sure we are able to respond to the needs of our students, while delivering quality education across the entire school cohort. Many students can experience a ‘bump in the road’ or face some kind of barrier that prevents them from being able to engage in their learning in the standard classroom setting, for some period of time. But that does not mean they should fall behind or feel left out.

I’m pleased to share with you that over the coming months, we will see some construction happening in our school as we work to enhance our student support capabilities through the establishment of an in-school flexible learning space, known as a FlexiSpace. We will be transforming the Resource Centre, to provide an in-school flexible learning space, providing tailored and individual support for our students that will support them to remain in school.

Beerwah State High School is one of 32 Queensland State Schools involved in this innovative program being delivered by the Queensland Department of Education to increase in-school capacity in supporting students facing difficulties engaging in the mainstream setting (which we know can be for any number of reasons).

Through the FlexiSpace, students who are experiencing difficulties that prevent them from engaging in their learning are able to remain with their peers and friendship groups, keep a regular school routine, have a strong sense of belonging, be part of the school community and continue their schooling with an uninterrupted ​curriculum.

Our FlexiSpace will be available only to students enrolled at our school. We will assess students on a case-by-case basis to determine the suitability of the FlexiSpace to meet their needs. Importantly, parents and the student will be engaged in the decision around their access to the FlexiSpace. Students who access the FlexiSpace will maintain their connection to the rest of our school through, for example attending some subject classes within the broader school setting as well as joining in whole-of-school activities, routines, start/finish times and lunchbreaks.

The FlexiSpace program will be up and running at the start of Term 3 and will move into the refurbished space upon completion.

At Beerwah State High School, we value each and every student and are committed to seeing them succeed through engaging in subjects and learning that is relevant to their interests and futures, feeling a sense of belonging within our school community and accessing support to thrive in their school environment. We are committed to seeing all of our students thrive and succeed, in an education pathway that responds to them as individuals, and this new FlexiSpace will assist us in achieving this goal.

We welcome your feedback and ideas as we work to create a space that will support and cater to the needs of our students.


Lyn McDonald, Scott Siddell and Nick Ste​ad​

Last reviewed 28 May 2021
Last updated 28 May 2021